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Flights from New York to Hong Kong

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> Flights from New York to Hong Kong
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From New York to Hong Kong
Business Class
Price: $4853
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First Class
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Cheap Business and First class from New York to Hong Kong

New York is one of the world’s most exciting and vibrant cities. Millions of people from around the United States and around the world fly in and out of New York every year.

Flying out of New York

New York is served by three main airports that handle international commercial flights. They are:

  • JFK - John F. Kennedy International Airport. JFK has been New York’s main international airport for many years and handles over 25 million passengers annually. It is located in Queens, at the southern tip of the Van Wyck Expressway. It also handles a number of domestic flights.
  • LGA - LaGuardia Airport. Although LGA is primarily a domestic airport, some airlines, like major carrier, Continental Airlines, also use it as an international hub. Close to 13.5 million people passed through LaGuardia last year.
  • EWR - Newark International Airport. Newark Airport is situated in Newark, New Jersey and is used by both domestic and international carriers. Its distance from the centre of New York may dissuade travellers short on time but the facilities here are more modern and it is less crowded than both JFK and LGA.

Flying into Hong Kong

The tiny island of Hong Kong really only has space for a single airport and the honour goes to HKG - Chek Lap Kok Hong Kong International Airport

Opened in 1998, HKG is now the world’s eighth-busiest airport by passenger numbers – over 70.5 million people walked through its gates last year. The airport is located on its own man-made island just off Hong Kong island itself.

Why Fly First Class?

Flying first class is an experience unto itself, and the experience begins even before you board your flight.

Exclusive check-in counters make the start of the airport experience a pleasure. The process is a breeze, handled by your airlines’ best and most adept ground crew. Depending on the airport, you will have access to a premium lounge for all first class and business class passengers or those from your airline only.

The opulent surrounds are enhanced by premium food and drink as you wait to board. First class and business class passengers get priority boarding which makes the transition onto the plane simple and unhurried. On board, the excellent service continues.

Food and drink for first class and business class passengers are a cut above those served to others. The seating is wider and more comfortable. Entertainment options can be better enjoyed because the screens are larger and the headphones are superior.

Rest and relax on seats that recline and lie flat. A direct flight from New York to Hong Kong takes 16 hours – a premium seat will get you there rested, looking good and feeling better than you have in a long time.

Why buy tickets with I Fly First Class?

I Fly First Class gives you the best deals on the best seats on every flight. We find seats for you at short notice and even those on flights which a travel agent will tell you is already booked out.

Cheap luxury tickets on your schedule – that’s the I Fly First Class promise.

How to find tickets on I Fly First Class

I Fly First Class gives you three convenient options to get the seat of your dreams on the flight of your choice:

  • You can call our toll-free number 1-800-385-1359 in the U.S.A. and speak to us directly.
  • You may email us your requirements at and have a travel specialist contact you.
  • Visit to fill in the online form and we will contact you with all the options at your disposal.

What are you waiting for? Your premium airborne experience awaits!

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