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Flights from Los Angeles to Paris

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>Flights from Los Angeles to Paris
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From Los Angeles to Paris
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Cheap Business and First class from Los Angeles to Paris

Is there anything better than having all your needs anticipated? That is the first class experience in the air.

Advantages of Flying First Class

Airlines focus on providing the most comprehensive range of services even before you step on board a plane. And after you step inside the cabin, it only gets better. Regardless of whether you want service par excellence, gourmet food and good wine, riveting entertainment or a comfortable bed, first class and business class cabins have you covered.

Only Air France, the French national carrier operates direct flights with first class seats between Los Angeles and Paris. However, the airline does offer daily direct flights with business class seats. Air Tahiti Nui is the only other airline that operates on this sector but they only offer business class and economy seating.

Air France flights with first class seating only on Tuesdays and Fridays. There is a single 3:15 p.m. flight on Tuesday. On Friday, there is a 3:15 p.m. as well as a 6 p.m. option. All three flights have a scheduled flight time of 10 hours and 50 minutes and feature lie-flat seats.

An Airbus A380 plane is used on the Tuesday flight while both of Friday flights are performed with the Boeing 777.

There is also a late evening Air France flight that departs at 8:55 p.m. on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays that is 10 hours 40 minutes long. It offers only business class seating. Air Tahiti's 1.30 p.m. Airbus A340-300 flight on Tuesdays and Saturdays takes a total of 11 hours to fly from Los Angeles to Paris.

All direct flights from Los Angeles to Paris take off from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and land at Roissy Charles de Gaulle International Airport (CDG) in Paris.

Airports in Paris

There are three airports in Paris:

  • Charles de Gaulle (CDG);
  • Orly (ORY);
  • Le Bourget (LBG).

However, for passengers travelling from Los Angeles, all direct flights will land exclusively at CDG, regardless of the airline.

Charles de Gaulle Airport is the busiest international airport in France. A complimentary automatic train shuttle service operates between the three terminals and the longest journey between any two is 8 minutes.

The airport is well connected to the rest of France by high-speed rail, train and by road. There are also options to travel by bus or train to international destinations.

Why buy tickets with I Fly First Class?

I Fly First Class has made a name for itself by finding cheap tickets for premium seats. However, our services extend far beyond simply providing our clients with the best airfares; we also specialize in finding seats at short notice when you don’t have the time to search for yourself.

How to find tickets on I Fly First Class

I Fly First Class has simplified the process of finding tickets so you can spend more time on your holiday than planning it.

If you need prices right away, you can contact us at our toll-free number (in the U.S.A.), 1-800-385-1359. If you would rather not spend a long time on the phone, email us at or fill in the online form on our website,

However you choose to contact us, we will put a smile on your face with low airfares and the perfect seats.

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