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Flights from Hong Kong to Frankfurt

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>Flights from Hong Kong to Frankfurt
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From Hong Kong to Frankfurt
Business Class
Price: $4706
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First Class
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Cheap Business and First class from Hong Kong to Frankfurt

Advantages of Flying First Class from Hong Kong to Frankfurt

Luxury is its own reward and when you travel first class, luxury is your constant companion.

The experience of flying first class does not begin – nor end – in the air. It is a multi-faceted adventure that can even begin the moment you decide to leave for the airport and make use of the associated chauffer and/or limousine services. It continues at the airport with expedited and effortless check-in and the luxury of premium lounge access.

Of course, the onboard experience is peerless, but that is not the end; some airlines even offer concierge services at your destination airport to ensure that the journey from there is every bit as comfortable as the experience that preceded it.

There are only two direct flights between Hong Kong and Frankfurt, one operated by the HongKong carrier, Cathay Pacific and the other by Germany's national airline, Lufthansa.

They both take off from Hong Kong Airport (HKG) and fly to Frankfurt Airport (FRA). The Asian airway, flying at 472 mph, takes 12 hours 15 minutes to complete the trip while the German airline is marginally faster at 12 hours 5 minutes as it flies at 479 mph.

While they both feature lie-flat seats and of almost identical duration, Lufthansa's offering of Wi-Fi on board its Airbus A380 quad-jets is not available on Cathay's Boeing 777-300ER twin-jet aircraft.

Airports in Frankfurt

Over 60 million passengers annually and over 1,300 flights every day pass through Frankfurt Airport (FRA), the only airport that serves the city. It is Germany’s busiest airport.

An efficient network of roads and rail lines connects the airport to the region and the country. A rail journey from the airport to the city takes approximately 15 minutes and it is just slightly longer if you are traveling by car.

Why buy tickets with I Fly First Class?

I Fly First Class is able to provide a level of service which travel agents cannot compare. Our travel concierge focuses on not just finding you a first class or business class seat on a particular flight, we are also able to source tickets at short notice, even on booked-out flights.

Our philosophy of commitment to fulfilling all your travel needs is supported by the extensive network of contacts we have developed within the aviation industry. With our experience and dedication to your complete satisfaction, there is no better way to travel than through I Fly First Class.

How to find tickets on I Fly First Class

When you choose I Fly First Class, you do not even have to find the tickets yourself. That’s right – our specialist travel concierge team will hunt down the best cheap airfare deals and contact you with the details.

All you have to decide on is how you want to contact us. We offer three different ways for your utmost convenience:

  • Phone – Our toll-free number (in the U.S.A.): 1-800-385-1359
  • Email – Contact us at:
  • Online – Our website (with online form):

All you have to do is select the best deal for your needs from the choices available.

If that sounds wonderful, you should contact us right now.

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