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Cheap Business and First class to Asia

The mysteries of the Orient are just waiting to be explored, from the mountaintops of Nepal to the treasured temples of Thailand and India. Create an unforgettable adventure to Asia with IFlyFirstClass' unbeatable discounts on luxury first class fares, business class seats and last minute first class deals. Thousands of dollars less than other premium airfare, these luxury flights will pamper and delight you as you travel to the mystical land of Asia.

An Adventure of a Lifetime

The birthplace of some of the world's most revered religions and cultures, Asia is a captivating mural of Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim and Sikh faiths. Revel in the history of the ritual and burial sites of South Korea's Gochang and Hwasun megalithic dolmens. View Wat Pho Temple's 150-foot golden Buddha in Thailand, and marvel at the astonishing 500 gold-plated Lohan figures and towering pagoda of Shanghai's Longhua Temple.Cheap Business Class to Asia. Tour the Golden Temple of Dambulla cave complex, soak in the ornate details of Vietnam's Cao Dai temples and wonder at one of the world's oldest mosques at China's Huaisheng Mosque. Wherever your Asian travels take you, ancient temples offer an enticing glimpse of early Asian faith, life and artistry.

Lush and tropical, Asia's natural wonders delight travelers with infinite recreation. Mountaineers relish the challenge of scaling eight of the world's 10 tallest mountains in the Himalayas. Scuba divers trawl the coral reefs of the Philippines' Camarine Sur, the shark-rich waters of Bali and the World War II shipwreck at Indonesia's Tulamben. Roam the beaches of Phuket, Thailand, atop a majestic elephant; ascend misty mountains aboard the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway and traipse across the spectacular Taroko Gorge on thrilling cycling tours of Taiwan's Central Mountain Range.

Along with ancient temples and magnificent natural landmarks, Asia overflows with cosmopolitan flair and modern pleasures. From China's Shanghai Tower and Taiwan's Taipei 101 to Hong Kong's International Commerce Centre and Kuala Lumpur's Petronas Towers, nine of the world's 10 tallest skyscrapers are in Asia. The continent is also home to the world's tallest statue, China's golden Spring Temple Buddha.

Enchanting museums, thrilling theme parks, sensational laser and water shows and entrancing historic sites present endless opportunities for world-class entertainment and enrichment. Bustling Hong Kong, Singapore, Taipei, Tokyo, Shanghai, Mumbai and Seoul are some of the most fascinating and exciting cities in the world, filled with fabulous cuisine, thriving industries and alluring entertainment.

The IFlyFirstClass Advantage

Make the long journey to Asia in the spacious comfort of business class seats or the ultimate style and service found with our discounted first class fares. You'll be pampered with chauffeur service, amenity-rich airport lounges and countless in-flight luxuries, all designed to deliver you to Asia feeling relaxed and satisfied.

With IFlyFirstClass' exclusive discounts, you'll save thousands on premium airfare to Asia, regardless of your destination. Whether you require last minute first class deals or amazingly priced business class seats or first class fares, you'll revel in creating an Asian adventure to remember.

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