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Iflyfirstclass offers you another great article regarding one of the most respectable airlines in the old continent. Stay with Iflyfirstclass and learn curiosities and interesting facts regarding this great airline. SWISS International Air Lines, better known as SWISS Air, is the Swiss national airline. It is part of the Star Alliance and is based in Zurich. The classic Swiss values – punctuality and reliability – are highly valued by this airline.

SWISS International Air Lines, better known as SWISS Air, is the Swiss national airline. It is part of the Star Alliance and is based in Zurich. The classic Swiss values ​​– punctuality and reliability – are highly valued by this airline.

History of Swiss Air

On March 26, 1931, Swissair was created by the merger of the airlines Balair and Ad Astra Aero. However, in 1939 the situation forced the company to cease operations, as the Second World War had broken out.


From February 1947 Swissair was able to resume the airline business. From this time on, the Swiss government took a 30.6% share in Swissair. With this share, the airline was able to buy new aircraft. In 1958 the airline entered into a partnership with the Scandinavian airline SAS.


The airline did not say goodbye to flying in one class until 1983 with the introduction of the Business class.


On March 16, 1989, Swissair expanded its cooperation with other airlines by collaborating with the American Delta Air Lines and the Singapore-based Singapore Airlines, the cooperation with SAS was renewed.


In 1993, Swissair wanted to merge with Austrian Airlines, KLM and Scandinavian Airlines System to form Alcazar (an acronym for Alone Carriers Zigzag At Random). However, this project failed due to resistance from Switzerland.


The Swiss national airline Swissair had to file for bankruptcy in October 2001, with the decision to make the regional airline Crossair its national airline and rebrand it as Swiss. The headquarters of this new company is located in Basel, but the main hub is Zurich Airport. Swiss is a subsidiary of Lufthansa and nowadays carries 16 million passengers annually.


After nearly a year of disputes, Swiss was finally accepted into the Oneworld Airline Alliance, British Airways tried to prevent this as the two are competitors on long-haul flights. On 3 June 2004, Swiss announced it would not join Oneworld as they did not want to integrate their current frequent flyer program into British Airways Executive Club.


On March 22, 2005, Lufthansa confirmed its plan to acquire Swiss using a holding company called Air Trust that would initially purchase 11% of the shares. On April 1, 2006, Swiss joined Oneworld's competitor, Star Alliance.

Swiss Air Fleet

SWISS has a modern fleet of Airbus A330 and Airbus A340 aircraft for long-haul flights and a fleet of Airbuses from the A320 family and Avro RJ100 aircraft for European flights.

Travel classes at SWISS

If you have booked your airline tickets with SWISS, you also want to know exactly what all this includes. For example the travel classes. You may have three different travel classes, but what exactly does this mean? We are happy to explain it to you.

Economy on European flights

With Economy Class on European flights, you can choose between the Light, Classic, and Flex fares. At Light, you can enjoy a meal and drink and you only travel with luggage. At Classic, you can also check in checked baggage, reserve a seat in advance, and rebook your flight ticket (for a surcharge). At Flex you can change your ticket for free, reserve a preferred seat and cancel your ticket (for a surcharge).

SWISS Economy Class on intercontinental flights

With Economy Class on intercontinental flights, you enjoy a little more comfort. You make a choice between two meals, enjoy the best entertainment and you can always take a piece of hand luggage and a suitcase with you. Before you know it, you've seen two movies and the landing is already underway!

Business Class on European flights

Are you flying Business Class on a European flight? Then you not only take two pieces of hand luggage with you but also just two suitcases. You can check in first and you have access to the Business Class lounges. This way you arrive at the plane very relaxed. Enjoy more legroom and your privacy, because the seat next to you is always kept free.

SWISS Business Class on intercontinental flights

With Business Class on intercontinental flights, you arrive at your destination really well-rested. With the push of a button, your chair becomes a full-flat bed of two meters. It's no longer a problem to sleep on the road. In addition, you can enjoy award-winning food with a delicious glass of wine and you get access to the SWISS and Star Alliance lounges all over the world.


At SWISS First you can enjoy all the luxury you can expect on board. You have your own private space, where you can easily get to work, but also sleep wonderfully on a two-meter bed. Even get a pair of Zimmerli pajamas. Enjoy a gourmet meal with the most delicious wines. You can wait in comfort at the airport and you can take no fewer than three pieces of luggage of 32 kg with you. What else do you want?

Swiss International Air Lines check-in information

At Swiss, it is possible to check in on the website as well as at the airport itself. However, online check-in is definitely recommended, because then you don't have to worry about waiting in a long line at the check-in desk at the airport. You can check-in online 23 hours before departure. After checking in, you print out the boarding pass yourself.


Luggage conditions of Swiss International Air Lines

If you are going to fly with Swiss, check the dimensions and baggage conditions of Swiss before you leave:

Hand luggage rules Swiss International Air Lines

The maximum dimensions of hand luggage at Swiss are 55 x 40 x 23 centimeters with a maximum weight of 8 kg. You may also bring an extra bag of 40 x 30 x 10 centimeters.

Checked Baggage Rules Swiss International Air Lines

The cost of a suitcase is not included in the ticket price at Swiss. An additional charge must be made for taking hold of luggage with you. Each passenger is allowed to check in a maximum of 2 bags for a fee.