Arabian Nights: Travel Like a Sheikh With First Class Seats and a Stay at Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa

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Dubai is known for its upscale lifestyle, enticing travelers from around the world to fly there on first and business class seats to enjoy the opulence. The Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa carries on this luxurious tradition, offering dazzling private villas in an Arabian Desert conservation area.

Making the trek in lavish first class seats to Dubai, you expect to land at your destination to a world of breathtaking opulence. Even In a region where magnificent hotels are commonplace, though, Dubai’s Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa still shines as a unique and spectacular resort in the Arabian Desert. 

With its incredible location in the middle of the Arabian Desert and its luscious furnishings and amenities, it’s easy to see why Al Maha repeatedly ranks among the world’s top luxury resorts. It’s not everyday, after all, that you get the opportunity to stay among the endless miles of undulating sand dunes. For those of you who had childhood fantasies of living like a sheik in a desert oasis, the Al Maha is a dream come true.

Instead of a spacious tent, though, you’ll stay in a beautiful private villa. Each of the 42 villas has its own private infinity pool and deck overlooking the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. You’ll also enjoy 24-hour concierge service and a personal guide to handle all of your needs while you’re at the resort.

Of course, you probably didn’t arrange first class airfare to Dubai just to stay in your suite. While it’s not unusual to catch sight of gazelles and Arabian Oryx from your private pool deck, there are dozens of fascinating activities included with your stay at the Al Maha.

You can embark on a safari to get a look at deep-desert wildlife, discover the world of falconry, careen up and down the dramatic dunes in a desert bashing vehicle or trek across the desert atop a camel. 

Dining at Al Maha is an equally delightful activity, particularly when it comes to the resort’s romantic dinners on the desert dunes. While the resort bills the experience as a picnic on a grand scale, that description understates the scene. Persian carpets are used to cover the sandy dune, and glowing torches surround the “picnic” area. The table is dressed in crisp, white linens,and the superb food and service put an exclamation point to the entire experience. There are several other dining options at the resort, including the Hajar Terrace Bar’s al fresco dining and the Al Diwaan’s refined, organic meals.

There are dozens of other delights to be discovered at the Al Maha, from its refreshing spa services and its Bedouin-inspired decor to its welcoming meeting rooms. Enjoying all of the resort’s amenities are easy since it’s just a 50-minute drive from downtown Dubai. It’s also a quick drive once your first class flight lands at Dubai International Airport. Winter and early spring are excellent seasons to travel to Dubai, so now’s a great time to book discounted first class tickets to the region.