The eternal city of London

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Thi city of London is one of the oldest cities on the old continent and it has a great history which iflyfirstclass will be delighted to show you.

London: no visit is ever the same

London is a great holiday destination. It is not for nothing that some twenty million foreign visitors travel to this fascinating capital of the British Empire every year.

London has an identity all of its own, making the city very recognizable to those who have seen London in films and television series. In particular, the red double-decker buses, the typical London taxis, and the red telephone boxes are so recognizable in the streets.

On the other hand, London is actually a collection of boroughs and districts, each with its own face and atmosphere. You can actually say that you have more than ten different cities within one larger city. London is, therefore, a wonderful place to discover, especially for those who want to experience the atmosphere.

What to see when in London?

Tower Bridge

The Tower Bridge is a large structure that serves as a bridge. Tower Bridge owes its name to its location, as it is close to the Tower of London. This is a large complex of buildings that served as a fortress and palace. Since that building was there before, the Tower Bridge was named after this tower.

The Tower Bridge was built in 1886, then it was inaugurated in 1894. The building serves as a bridge for the River Thames. The construction is a drawbridge, which makes it easy for boats to pass through. The structure is a total of 244 meters long, making it a very large building. Furthermore, the towers are high, so tourists can enjoy an excellent view when they stand on one of the towers.

Tower of London

This complex is located near Tower Bridge on the banks of the Thames. From here you have a beautiful view of the bridge. The Tower is still traditionally secured by men in red, called the beefeaters. 

The castle has a long history. It has already served as a prison, museum, and royal palace. Due to this rich history, the building is still a very popular attraction for tourists. Due to the many events that have taken place within the complex, there are still many special attributes that can be seen by tourists. There are works of art to be found and tourists can view the crown jewels.

St Paul´s Cathedral

The first thing you notice about this beautiful Cathedral is its old and antique appearance. St. Paul's Cathedral was built in the 17th century in the style of the English Baroque. The dome is located at a height of 108 meters, making this Cathedral visible from many places in London. 

British Museum

The British Museum in London is a museum dedicated to human history and culture. The museum's permanent collection consists of more than 8 million art objects, making it one of the largest and most comprehensive collections in the world. The objects in the British Museum come from all continents of the world from the beginning of the Meins to the present day.

The British Museum is one of the most popular sights for those on a city trip to London, and it´s completely free. 

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace has been the official London residence of the British monarchs since 1837. Today it is an administrative seat of the Monarch. Buckingham Palace is often used for official events and often hosts receptions by the Queen. Buckingham Palace's staterooms are open to visitors all year round.

The palace is decorated with priceless works of art, some of which the Royal Collection is one of the most important art collections in the world. Buckingham Palace is neither an art gallery nor a museum. One of the most beautiful rooms in the palace is the room where the Queen's throne stands, this room is open to the public.

London Eye

The London Eye is a large Ferris wheel that towers high above the city because the colossus is no less than 135 meters high. The steel construction, therefore, weighs 1,700 tons, and it also contains 32 closed capsules for visitors to sit in.

Near the Thames and opposite the Palace of Westminster is where you can find the huge iron structure. Since 1999, this has ensured that tourists in London can enjoy their holiday in a special way because from a capsule at the highest point, there are many things to see. There is a view over the entire city so that many famous buildings can be seen up close, such as Big Ben. In addition, several airports, football fields, and monuments can be viewed from the Ferris wheel.

Big Ben

When you think of London, you automatically think of Big Ben. In addition to the red double-decker buses and the red telephone boxes, Big Ben is one of the eye-catchers of London. The famous tower is located on the Thames, near the Houses of Parliament and the London Eye.

The name Big Ben is often used for the tower, but in fact, it refers to the large clock that hangs in the tower. The sound of Big Ben is iconic and loved by every Londoner.

Hyde Park

Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens are two parks in London. They both belong to the royal parks of the city. There are a total of eight royal parks, of which Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens are two of them. Greenwich Park, Green Park, and Richmond Park also belong to this list, all definitely worth a visit during a city trip to London.

Madame Tussauds

London is a very versatile city, so you can find many different, special museums. One of these special museums is the Madama Tussauds. This is a museum where there are wax figures of real famous personalities. Since the inception of this museum, the exhibitions of famous people have become hugely popular. This is also the reason why this museum is one of the most famous and popular tourist attractions in London. 

How to get to London? 

There are several ways to travel to London. The most used is by plane. The city is surrounded by six airports, Heathrow being the largest. From the airport, the easiest way to reach the city center is by using the tube, the underground metro network of the city which connects every corner of London. 

It is also possible to travel with the Eurostar from Brussels and Amsterdam to the British capital.

Useful tips for visiting London

London is huge, so we recommend using the Underground, the expansive metro system of London. Using the tube, as Londoners refer to it, is an experience in itself. 

Many of the sights in London are easily accessible via the tube and can often be visited for free, it is recommended to purchase a London Pass and/or Oyster card, this will make it a lot cheaper to travel in London and you get a lot of discount at the sights that do cost money. The Oyster card can save up to 3 euros per trip and you can make 10 trips in one day.

Most museums in London have free entrance. Make this worthwhile on a rainy day (which happens a lot in London).