Frozen Luxury: Revel in Winter with Cheap Business Class Seats to Amazing Ice Hotels and Museums

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Enjoy discounted business class seats to the Arctic to create a winter holiday like no other. From Norway to Sweden, ice hotels offer all the amenities of luxury resorts along with inspiring views of the Northern Lights, snow adventures and plenty of magnificent ice sculptures.

Winter is coming, and now is the time to book your discounted business class tickets to some of the most spectacular northern destinations. This year, you can experience the frozen tundra in all its beauty by staying in a luxurious ice hotel or visiting one of the breathtaking ice buildings around the world. Here are some of our picks for captivating ice-bound destinations:

Alta, Norway
The Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel celebrates all that the northern country offers, from the stunning Northern Lights to snowmobile safaris. On the banks of the Alta River, the hotel itself is a gorgeous experience. Constructed of ice and snow, the lodge features an ice bar, ice sculptures and even an ice chapel. Guests sleep in the ice portion of the hotel and enjoy warmer amenities like hot tubs and saunas in the adjoining service building. The hotel is relatively easy to get to with a business class flight to Alta and a 20-minute drive to the resort.

Kiruna, Sweden
Probably the most famous of all ice hotels, the aptly named ICEHOTEL is a wonder to behold. Built from snow and ice north of the Arctic Circle, the resort is both a hotel and an art exhibit. 

Each year, artists create the hotel’s structure and fill it with amazing creations. The accommodations are luxurious, and the guest rooms are unlike anything you’ll experience elsewhere. The suite, for instance, is graced with fabulous ice pillars and a 3D art piece. There’s also a private sauna and heated bathroom so you can luxuriate in the tranquility of the ice while staying cozy and snug. While at the hotel, check out the Northern Lights guest rooms, to view the magnificent ice and light installations.

Fairbanks, Alaska
The Aurora Ice Museum is a stunning sight, made of more than 1,000 tons of snow and ice. The museum is actually a year-round attraction, but there’s something magical about visiting it in the winter. Ice chandeliers tower above visitors as they explore the museum’s many ice sculptures or have a drink at the ice bar. The museum also features an ice spiral staircase leading to a magnificent observation tower. You can also take a few ice sculpting classes at the hotel.

While you’re exploring all that winter has to offer, you should also consider a visit to the stunning Kemi Snow Castle in Kemi, Finland, and the Ice Hotel Glace in Quebec. You’ll enjoy incredible views, fascinating experiences and access to cheap business class flights.