Luxury on the Costa Smeralda: Pair Discounted First Class Seats with a Stay at Hotel Cala di Volpe, the World’s Second Most Expensive Hotel

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Sunshine, rugged Mediterranean coast and hills dotted with whitewashed Sardinian homes are iconic features of Italy’s Costa Smeralda. We take a look at the region’s celebrated Hotel Cala di Volpe and offer up discounted first class flights to help balance the hotel’s exclusive price tag.

The Emerald Coast’s Hotel Cala di Volpe received some notoriety this summer when it was named the second most expensive hotel in the world. The list reminded us that, unlike discounted first class airfare, some luxury items just aren’t meant to be cheap. It also piqued our interest in the Sardinian resort’s amenities. 

Just what does the double-room price of $1,789 buy at Cala di Volpe? Sumptuous linens, classic Mediterranean design, ceramic tile floors, whitewashed walls and private balconies are just a sampling of the hotel’s guest room delights. The property also offers more exclusive, spacious suites with private terraces and deluxe suites with hand-painted Sardinian furnishings, picture windows, terraces and relaxing seating areas. The apex of the hotel’s comfort is the three-bedroom Presidential Suite, featuring a rooftop terrace with ample deck chairs, a solarium, a private swimming pool and windows that let you bask in the beauty of the turquoise Mediterranean.

The property itself is all that you expect when you book discounted first class tickets to the Costa Smeralda. The hotel appears almost like a Sardinian village, sprawling along the secluded bay. It features a private beach, incomparable views of the hills and visions of sailboats bobbing along the ocean. 

Relaxing is easy in this romantic setting, especially with the on-site spa’s soothing massage sessions and attentive bar service at the saltwater swimming pool. Even with these tranquil amenities, the hotel is rich with recreation. Three tennis courts, a fitness center, access to the local Pevero Golf Club Costa Smeralda and other Sardinian offerings keep guests fit and actively experiencing the distinctive Mediterranean climate. 

Dining is delectable here. The Cala di Volpe Restaurant boasts a menu filled with traditional Sardinian and Mediterranean dishes like squash filled with creamy ricotta and fresh cannelloni overflowing with bechamel sauce and savory chopped beef. Its romantic, refined setting draws travelers and locals from all along the coast looking for an epicurean adventure. The resort’s Barbecue restaurant is the place to go for fresh seafood grilled to perfection, and its wine tasting venue and bars add an extra touch of palate-pleasing delights.

In a region known for its incredible seaside resorts and opulent amenities, the Cala di Volpe is a standout. So while it’s terrific to save on discounted first class tickets, you’ll appreciate the luxury and service of a more exclusive stay at Cala di Volpe.