Exploring the Shamrock: Revel in Iconic St. Patrick Sites with First Class Deals to Ireland

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Discover the Emerald Isle in a new way with a unique St. Patrick’s Day trip to Ireland. From the country’s biggest St. Patrick’s Day celebration in Armagh to the beloved saint’s burial site, experience all of the sites that make Ireland and St. Patrick so compelling.

Ireland is full of lush landscapes, fascinating history and thrilling cultural traditions. Many times, though, St. Patrick’s Day celebrations are reduced to green beer, campy leprechaun images and an over-indulgence in corned beef and cabbage. If you’re looking for a fresh way to honor the national, religious and cultural importance of St. Patrick, take advantage of IFlyFirstClass’ latest deals on first class flights to Europe. You’ll find a host of interesting captivating monuments, events and displays honoring one Ireland’s most beloved figures.

Armagh, Northern Ireland
Armagh brings you both an entertaining St. Patrick’s Day festival and meaningful historic sites. The ancient "Cathedral City of Ireland" hosts the largest St. Patrick’s event in the country, lasting six days and attracting 20,000 visitors. It includes a colorful parade and a live musical concert. 

Armagh is significant as the place St. Patrick established as the country’s spiritual center in 445 AD, now the site of the Church of Ireland. In addition to the church, visitors can tour the Armagh County Museum and St. Patrick’s Trian to see ancient artifacts revealing St. Patrick’s role spreading Christianity throughout Ireland. Armagh is also an excellent launching point for following St. Patrick’s Trail, a 92-mile path through some of Ireland’s most important sites.

County Down, Northern Ireland 
The local Down Cathedral is on the grounds of St. Patrick’s first established church.

It is also the saint’s burial site. Nearby is Saul Church, a site considered the Cradle of Christianity in Ireland for its importance to St. Patrick. Visitors of all Christian faiths are invited to worship with local congregants here on March 17, although visitors and pilgrims are welcome to see the church throughout the year.

Next to Down Cathedral is St. Patrick Centre. There, visitors can tour a gripping multimedia exhibition and browse local crafts. Visitors can also view a compelling IMAX film highlighting important sites in Ireland. Short of booking first class seats to all of Ireland’s most beloved destinations, the IMAX film is one of the best ways to see the gorgeous country.

A quick, 30-minute drive north takes visitors to Castle Espie, where St. Patrick’s Day celebrations are whimsical and fun. Visitors can traipse through the castle’s wetlands to discover laughing leprechauns, follow a shamrock trail, see St. Patrick’s snakes and nosh on traditional Irish foods.

There are dozens of other engaging sites and events throughout the country. Discovering Ireland in the footsteps of St. Patrick is a delightful way to enjoy Irish culture and history. Getting there can be lovely, too, when you take advantage of IFlyFirstClass’ latest discounts on first class tickets to the Emerald Isle.