Dubai Beautiful City in the Desert

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In Iflyfirstclass we like to show the most beautiful places in the world, and Dubai is one of those special places and you will fall in love with this magnificent city which was built literally in the middle of the desert.

Dubai - City in the desert

Dubai, one of the emirates located in the United Arab Emirates, has become a real holiday destination in recent years. Originally the emirate got its dollars from oil, but in the meantime, these petrodollars have been invested in the gigantic airport and to lure tourists with numerous attractions in Dubai such as the high-rise building Burj Khalifa, the largest fountain show and the largest aquarium in the world. As a result, Dubai has become a city of extremes, where no expense has been spared to provide entertainment to the tourists. The city has become a mixture of huge skyscrapers, many entertainment parks, a small historic center, and that in the middle of the desert.

Things to see and do in Dubai

Burj Khalifa

Dubai's 828-meter high skyscraper attracts many visitors to this part of the city. Next to the Burj Khalifa is also a huge shopping center that bears the name Dubai Mall. Between this Mall and the Burj Khalifa, an attractive pedestrian promenade has been constructed with adjacent restaurants. Especially around sunset it often starts to get crowded on this boulevard. This is when the Dubai Fountain show is at its best. Every thirty minutes a beautiful show is given in which music, light, and water jets stir each other up. Visiting the observation deck is another attraction of the Burj Khalifa. In the adjacent shopping center, you can buy a ticket to visit the 124th and 125th floors of this huge building. Using a high-speed elevator, you will be delivered in less than twenty seconds to the most beautiful viewpoint in Dubai. The entire floor is made of glass, so you have a 360-degree view.

Burj Al Arab

This world-famous seven-star hotel is located in the sea on the very popular Jumeirah beach. Both during the day and at night when the Burj Al Arab is beautifully lit in all kinds of colors, it attracts a lot of attention. The hotel can be reached from the land via a small bridge. The more fortunate can be delivered to the roof by helicopter. The lobby alone can be called 'over the top to say the least. The materials used for the embellishment include 24-carat gold leaf and lots of marble. The Al Muntaha restaurant followed by the Skyview Bar can be found about two hundred meters above sea level. Another special restaurant is the Al Mahara, which is located next to a deep-sea aquarium.

The Dubai Mall & Aquarium

At the foot of the Burj Khalifa is The Dubai Mall, the largest shopping center in the world. The emirate has developed into a true shopper's paradise in the Middle East, with shopping centers often offering more than just shopping. In addition to 1,300 shops, The Dubai Mall has the fountain show of the Dubai Fountain, an ice skating rink, a karting center, and in the atrium Dubai Aquarium, the largest aquarium in the world with the adjacent Underwater Zoo.

Atlantis The Palm & Aquaventure

At the head of Palm Jumeirah (the famous palm island) is an impressive 5-star hotel Atlantis The Palm. This mega hotel is completely decorated in the theme of the legend of the sunken city of Atlantis. In addition, several popular water attractions can be found around the hotel, such as the Aquaventure Water Park, the largest water park in Dubai, and the beautiful aquariums of The Lost Chambers Aquarium. 

Dubai Creek

The Dubai Creek is a river that runs through the center of Dubai. This used to be the economic heart of the city because of the traditional old harbor where dhows load and unload their goods. This activity can still be seen here as you walk along the northwest wharf of the creek. There are two fun ways to view Dubai Creek from the water. You can take a cruise on a dhow (for example in the evening in combination with dinner) or, which is much cheaper, cross the Dubai Creek with a traditional abra.

Ski Dubai

Who would have ever expected to be able to ski in the desert? This has been possible since 2005 when Ski Dubai opened its doors in the Mall of the Emirates. Here you can ski while outside it might be 40 degrees Celsius or warmer! Besides skiing, you can also snowboard, toboggan, and toboggan. With a chairlift, you can go back up to enjoy a new descent. The winter sports feeling is completed with the option of drinking a cup of hot chocolate. There are five descents with varying degrees. There is even a freestyle zone for the real fanatics.

Historic Dubai

You can't visit Dubai without visiting old Dubai. This is the most authentic part of the city, although not everything is as it seems here either. For example, the entire area around Dubai Heritage Village has recently been renovated but also expanded. Everything is completely in the old style of Dubai so that you as a visitor do not realize that most buildings here are much more recent than they appear.

Old Dubai centers around Dubai Creek. The oldest districts can be found in the north of the Bur Dubai district, which means 'several old Dubai'. The historic district of Al Bastakiya is perhaps the most beautiful example of what Dubai used to look like. Here you walk through a car-free neighborhood between the mud houses that have been completely refurbished. Several buildings can be visited because they house art galleries, museums, and restaurants. Pay particular attention to the characteristic wind towers that provide natural cooling and beautiful courtyards. Also on this side of the Dubai Creek is the oldest building in Dubai: the Al Fahidi Fort. The oldest part, one of the towers, dates back to 1787. Today the Dubai Museum is located in this fort. More to the west is Heritage Village, which can be compared to Al Bastakiya. Along the way, you will also come across an old oriental market, where the sellers of all kinds try to lure you into their business.

Getting around in Dubai

A quick and cheap way to get around in Dubai is by metro. Because the metro trains largely run above the ground, you also have a beautiful view of Dubai on the way. There are currently two metro lines, with the red line being the most interesting for tourists. It connects, among other things, Dubai International Airport with many popular places in Dubai such as Emirates Tower, Burj Khalifa (and the Dubai Mall is covered and cooled at 800 meters), Mall of the Emirates, Dubai Marina Ibn Battuta Mall. Do you need to be in the old part of Dubai? Then you can transfer to the green metro line at two places.

You can pay for the metro rides in two ways. The easiest way is with an NOL Card. This is a public transport card on which you put your balance and which you can then use per journey. You check-in and out with this card, after which the fare is deducted from your balance.

Tip for Dubai: Purchase the Dubai Pass

The affordable Dubai Pass is highly recommended if you are going to visit Dubai. With this, you purchase access to the main attractions of Dubai in one go. Whenever possible, choose the dates and time slots for popular attractions like the Burj Khalifa right away. You can save the tickets for the Dubai Pass on mobile. You do not need to bring separate entrance tickets.