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This year’s World Luxury Spa Award winners offer unique, refined and rejuvenating experiences from the U.K to Australia and a host of points in between. Continue the lusciously indulgent journey by flying to these fascinating destinations with opulent but economical first class airfare deals.

Take a breather from the hustle and bustle of everyday life by touring some of the world’s most luxurious spas. The World Luxury Spa Awards for 2015 were recently released, and there’s no time like the present to hop on a discounted first class flight and trek to some of these world-class destinations for your own little piece of paradise. Below are just a few of this year’s award winners.

The Woodland Spa - Burnley, United Kingdom
Taking top honors as Global Spa of the Year, The Woodland Spa is located amidst the tranquil, rolling hills of Lancashire. The exclusive spa features a hydrotherapy pool, serenity pool, outdoor infinity pool, sauna, salt steam and traditional steam rooms, ice fountain, Rasul mud chamber and individualized experience showers. The spa also offers massage therapy, Neom happiness and sleep treatments, facials and a delectable spa dining menu, creating a luscious experience that is unequaled.

SO Spa Sofitel - El Gezirah Island, Cairo, Egypt
Spa-goers can indulge in all of the Sofitel’s rejuvenating spa treatments while gazing at the picturesque Nile River. A Turkish steam bath complements the spa’s other treatments, from massage to a relaxing Jacuzzi. Those who revel in the sensation of vigorous exercise followed by therapeutic massage and steam baths can enjoy the hotel’s fitness center first. If dinner or a night on the town is to follow, spa guests can also enjoy a visit to the on-site hair salon.

Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat - Queensland, Australia
Gwinganna is an experience not to be missed so book cheap business class tickets to Australia and prepare to be amazed. The retreat is beautifully located on the Gold Coast’s Hinterland where breathtaking waterfalls, gorgeous wooded areas and scenic ranges set the stage for ecotours and transformative treatments. The purpose of the retreat is to provide restful space where guests can balance mind, body and soul, recommit to healthy lifestyle choices and withdraw from the choices that hinder our health and our lives.

Satori Spa Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa - Dubai, United Arab Emirates
There’s also plenty of captivating nature at Bab Al Shams. With its traditional Arabic fort ambiance, the spa is nestled in the desert dunes with cool, shaded outdoor walkways and peaceful water features. Satori features wellness treatments, saunas, steam rooms, a full-service health spa, skin care programs, reflexology treatments and a host of other therapies and revitalizing rituals. There’s also an indoor garden, outdoor shower, yoga and massage areas. The soothing warmth of the desert spa is just a 45-minute drive from Dubai International Airport so it’s convenient even if you are flying on discounted business class seats to Dubai for work.

Don’t miss Part Two of our celebration of the world’s best spas in our next blog post.

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