Divine European Travels: Book Discounted First Class Seats Then Follow These Tips

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Planning a successful trip to Europe means spending a little time taking care of important details before you leave. Traveling with cheap first class airfare, notifying credit card companies and banks of your destination and prepping your mobile phone will assure you have a worry-free vacation.

The anticipation of a delightful trip to the Continent is just part of the pleasure of travel, especially if you're flying in luxury thanks to cheap business class tickets to Europe. Before you get swept away with dreams of a flawless holiday, though, you should spend some time taking care of a few details. Planning ahead will ultimately make your trip more enjoyable, ensuring that you, your money and your plans are safe while abroad.

Money, Money, Money
Notify your credit card companies that you'll be traveling to specific countries in Europe and double-check that you understand any fees you may be charged for using your cards abroad. While on the call, request a chip-and-pin or smart card. Most European automated payment machines like those found at toll roads, train ticket booths and parking garages require chip-and-pin cards. Be sure to safeguard your cards in a money belt or similar product and carry your cash in a couple of different locations to avoid pick-pocket woes.

Getting Around Town
If you plan to rent a car, you'll need your U.S.-issued driver's license. Some countries also require an International Driving Permit, so check the rules for driving in your specific destinations. Similarly, if you plan to take taxis or private cars in a certain town, check the local requirements for distance limits, payment options and rates. 

In London, only the iconic black cars are licensed taxis, and they are available for hire only if their yellow "taxi" signs are lit. Some European countries have experienced protests surrounding the use of Uber, so it's always a good idea to find out which Uber services are allowed in your destination country. Knowing how to navigate local taxi services and public transportation before you disembark from your first class flights helps keep your journey hassle-free.

Smart Travel with Smart Phones
Your smart phone or iPad can be an invaluable asset while you're traveling through Europe, but you don't want to be surprised with an astronomical wireless bill when you get home. To avoid any unexpected expenses, call your smart phone company before you leave and clarify potential charges. Also, ask the company to unlock your phone for international use. If your phone company offers an international calling plan, sign up for it. If not, purchase a SIM card at a mobile phone store in your destination country, but do not do this at the arrival airport. The local European SIM card will allow you to communicate with other members of your traveling party and local hotels, restaurants and tour companies throughout your stay. You’ll also be able to use the device to book last minute flights for spur-of-the-moment side trips.