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The days are getting shorter and the temperatures are dropping, in other words: time to take a break this fall and book a nice holiday. But where should you go if you want to go on holiday in the fall? Below you will find an overview of beautiful destinations that are perfect for a city trip, round trip or (sun) holiday in the autumn.


The royal city of Marrakech is the most famous city in Morocco and is often portrayed as a surprising and unique city trip. For years, Marrakech has been one of the most visited cities in North Africa. The nice climate and the interesting sights make this city very popular. Fortunately, it is a lot less crowded here in the fall. But apart from the crowds, the temperatures are also less high but still pleasant. For example, it can still reach 27°C in October! In November the maximum temperatures drop to 22°C, which is still pleasant for a nice city trip. Marrakech is also known as the city of many colors. The cozy squares, local souks, and atmospheric riads give the city a lot of colors! In addition, there are also many roof terraces (including at the Djemaa el Fna square) where you can enjoy beautiful sunsets. Combine the delicious Moroccan cuisine and your city trip is complete!


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All of Montreal instantly gets a whole lot more colorful once fall sets in! But not only for that reason, this city is a must visit: it is also a beautiful city with a lot to experience, especially in autumn. For example, in bad weather you can go shopping in La Ville Souterraine. Here you will find numerous shops, restaurants, universities, cinemas, ... There is also more than enough to see above ground. For example, many museums and theaters can be found here and the city has a vibrant nightlife.


From Parc du Mont-Royal you can overlook the entire city. The cool autumn wind blows firmly in your face. The sprawling park sits on top of Mount Royal, from which Montréal takes its name. Montreal is a modern city. The mix between old and new architecture is fascinating. For example, two of the most prominent skyscrapers are right next to two important cathedrals. Skyscrapers in Montreal are not allowed to be higher than Mount Royal mountain. You'll see the Center Ville, the center of the city, sandwiched between the mountain itself and the Saint Lawrence River. The bustling center of the city, where life takes place day and night. Americans like to refer to Montreal as Paris without jet lag.


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You probably know Munich from the world-famous Oktoberfest that takes place here every year. This beer festival, which by the way is the largest beer festival in the world, is also the first reason why you should visit Munich in the fall! But here again, you will find many beautiful buildings and interesting museums, while in the evening you can go out for a drink.


Munich is a combination of tradition, culture, and innovation. The traditional beer gardens still play an important role in the city. Munich is known for its beer and you will find a lot of pubs where you can enjoy a delicious Bavarian beer. But Munich is more than beer!


The royal family of Wittelbachers ruled the region of Bavaria for many years. In Munich, you can visit the gigantic Residenz palace complex and the wonderful summer palace Nymphenburg Palace. These are just two of the various beautiful buildings of the Wittelbachers family. Even for nature lovers, Munich is great as it is a short distance from the Alps.


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A trip to Oman combines Eastern mysticism, Western comfort and a hospitable population. You will become acquainted with its impressive mountains, beautiful green oases and charming villages. It is one of the most safe and traditional destinations of the Middle East.


The Sultanate of Oman has a civilization that is more than 12,000 years old. The many beautiful sand castles, fortresses and watchtowers are the silent witnesses of a glorious past. In the Wahiba Desert you drive through immensely high red sand dunes and you stay in the middle of the desert with nomads.


The country is located on the Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Oman. There is always a cool breeze on these vast pristine coastlines. And if you're lucky, at Ras al Had beach you can see turtles coming ashore in the evening by moonlight, a fantastic feature to add to your holiday in Oman. Furthermore, in Oman you will undoubtedly enjoy the hospitality of the people and the culinary cuisine with both Arab and Indian influences.


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Snow-white beaches, thousands of palm trees, and luxury resorts. Book a holiday in Mauritius and immerse yourself in a true paradise. Extra nice: where these trips used to be reserved for the rich on earth, a holiday to this tropical island is becoming more and more affordable.


The beating heart of Mauritius is Grand Baie. Most tourists, therefore, stay in this northern seaside resort. Only a few decades ago this was in a small fishing village, now you will find a wide range of shops, stalls, restaurants, bars, cafes, and beautiful beaches.


Beach lovers can stay in the west (where it is usually warmer than on the rest of the island) in Trou aux Biches, among others. Here you will find one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. Looking for a luxury holiday in Mauritius? The east coast (including the seaside resort of Bella Mare) is known for its four and five star resorts with perfect service.


In Port Louis you will find mosques, pagodas, cathedrals, and Hindu temples, symbolizing the multiculturalism of Mauritius. This island is home to a mix of skin tones, who live peacefully side by side and between each other. During your trip to Mauritius you will experience a pleasant atmosphere between the English, French, Indians, Chinese, and Africans, but above all a tolerance and respect for each other's beliefs and religion. A quality that only contributes to a well-deserved name for this island: paradise.


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