IFlyFirstClass announces Top 5 Business Class Airlines for 2021

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True to its mission to provide luxury and business travelers with helpful travel information, IFlyFirstClass today announced its picks for the world’s Top 5 Business Class Airlines for 2021.

Every year, the airline site Skytrax compiles a list of the most appreciated offers for business class flights. Skytrax makes a ranking that is based on 19.2 million experiences of travelers from 104 different countries. The survey covers more than 280 airlines and looks at 41 factors ranging from the boarding procedure and seat comfort to the quality of service.

Over the years, the needs and expectations of customers towards business class have drastically changed. They expect a high level of service, comfort, and design of the accommodation. Airlines have picked this up and have upgraded the whole package. Nowadays, business class is reminiscent of the golden times of the sixties. It has become possible to put your seat down, personal entertainment systems have come into service and offer a wide range of music, film, series, and games, and the onboard menus have been compiled by some of the best top chefs. 

Still, for airlines, the more expensive tickets are the more important ones towards the profitability of the airline. Since the number of business class seats is limited, they have to make sure the high prices are well worth it by offering the best business class service. 

1. Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways has won the award for best business class several years in a row, so something they do must be good right? For sure!

The experience of the business class already starts in the airport where you can relax before your flight in the lounges. As a OneWorld Alliance partner, they have a luxurious lounge in several airports around the world. 

Qatar Airways excels in seat configuration. It is possible to make a private room of four, which is great if you are on a business trip and want to do a meeting on board. Seats can also go completely flat making for a relaxing sleep position. As the partition between two seats can be lowered, it is even possible to make a double bed. 

Food-wise, their service is exceptional. Meals are freshly prepared and they have an extensive menu to choose from. Ordering is possible on demand and drinks are unlimited. 

Qatar Airways has a collaboration with the Italian luxury brand Bric´s. They offer business class passengers an amenity bag that can be reused as a cross-body bag or shaving kit. The bag includes a variety of skincare products. 

2. Singapore Airlines

Not every airport has Singapore Airlines lounges, but as a member of the Star Alliance, you will be granted access to the terminal of a partner. In the lounge, you can relax in style, have something to eat or drink, all before taking advantage of priority boarding. 

The business class compartment has a 1-2-1 structure, giving everyone easy access to the aisle. It also benefits the wideness of the seats. Made in leather they are up to 85 centimeters wide. Not only more personal space, but also extra storage space for your belongings. The seats can be transformed into full-flat beds. 

Concerning meals, they are top-notch with blueberry pancakes, real cutlery, and award-winning meal service. You can select the meal of choice 24 hours in advance through the Book the Cook service. Anything from lobster to roasted chicken or pastries. 

Long-haul flights can be boring. Fortunately, nowadays most airlines offer entertainment systems. Singapore Airlines goes all the way here by offering over 1000 entertainment options. TV shows, music, games, movies, … All is offered on 18- inch screens, so forget about the tiny screens you usually get in Economy. Via the KrisWorld entertainment system, you can make connections with your friends and family.

3. Etihad Airways

Flying an uncomfortable experience? Not if you are choosing Etihad Airways to reach your destination. By spending some time in the Etihad Business Class lounge, you will feel as if you had booked a spa treatment. You can use the well-equipped bathroom where you can take a shower. Perfect for those who are waiting for the connecting flight. Etihad also offers business class passengers a complimentary massage or spa treatment of approximately 15 minutes.

Seats have an adjustable headrest, backrest, and cushion firmness which offers optimum comfort and space. When flying long distances, you can recline your seat into a completely flatbed. On shorter flights, your seat reclines generously and gives you plenty of legroom, so you can relax, sleep and arrive refreshed.

Dining can be done extensively with a 3-course meal of breakfast. You can choose a la carte on a variety of healthy, light, or classic dishes. After your meal, you can enjoy a movie, podcast, or listen to some music on one of the radio stations. The onboard entertainment system offers hundreds of hours of enjoyment. The wifi on board allows you to stay connected to the homefront, or do some work while flying. 

All business class passengers receive a free Acqua di Parma toiletry bag on long-haul flights. This includes an eye mask, earplugs, luxury socks, and a signature fresh scent.

4. Emirates

Emirates is one of the best airlines when it comes to business class service. They offer their passengers extra privacy without a fully enclosed space. Also, the seats can recline fully and be used as a bed with a soft mattress. There is a personal mini-bar and quite some storage space. On the Airbus A380, business class can be found on the upper deck, with its own bar and lounge area. It makes the perfect opportunity to socialize on long-haul flights. 

In Dubai Airport, Emirates has a lounge where business class passengers can enjoy a fine selection of champagnes and snacks made by Michelin-starred chefs. Something they continue in their service on board. Emirates is well-known for its superb dining options. In-flight meals often start with warm nuts and some quality wine, to be followed by a three-course meal and chocolates. Drinks are available in your seat or by going to the bar on board. 

Emirates offers it's business passengers a reusable amenity fit. It includes a brush, tissues, a small mirror, lotions, a dental kit, and perfume of the brand Bulgari. 

5. Cathay Pacific

Reduce your jet lag with the aid of better pressure and humidity in the cabin. Business Class passengers on a Cathay Pacific flight can enjoy all the comfort they need. Privacy walls, adjustable lighting, spacious tables, and seats that can be adjusted to your desired sitting or sleeping position. 

The cabins of the A350 aircraft are extra wide, to give passengers a reduction of disturbance and better sleep performance. The entertainment system does not only give you access to a wide offer of movies, series, music, and games but can be used to inform the cabin crew that you don't want to be disturbed or woken up for meals or landing. 

Every seat has an 18,5-inch screen to watch all the content or see the progress of your flight. Meals are made of healthy ingredients and you can choose from international cuisine, classic dishes, or light snacks. 

On long-haul flights, passengers receive a kit with the luxury amenities of Bamford. Skincare products, bed linen, and pillows, everything to have the best rest you ever had on a plane. 

With all these benefits, flying in Business Class is well worth the money.