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Business class travel is a luxury trip with all the comforts. You can forget about noisy neighbors, uncomfortable chairs and the inability to stretch your legs. Let's take a look at 5 airlines ranked as the best business class in the world.

Qatar Airways

If you fly to destinations such as Doha or South-East Asia, chances are you will fly with Qatar Airways. You can book cheap business class tickets to upgrade your flight experience. The Business Class cabin is extremely spacious, equipped with high-tech comfort with many entertainment options, an á la carte menu, and one hour of free WIFI. There is also a laptop power supply and a USB port. And… the chair can be transformed into a bed.


Qatar Airways Business Class is not just any Business Class: Qatar Airways was named the best airline in the world in 2021 by “Airline Ratings”. The Business Class experience naturally starts with a glass of bubbly before take off. Although Qatar Airways has its home base in the Middle East (Doha), they also offer a very extensive wine list! From Brut and Rosé Champagne to special wines and cocktails. Of course, there are also various alcohol-free alternatives, such as Mocktails.


At Qatar Airways you experience 'Next Level dining' in the air. What makes Qatar Airways' Business Class special, in addition to delicious meals, is that you can order food á la carte throughout the flight. You can choose what and when you eat and the menu is also very extensive. This means less food is wasted because you only order what you feel like. And no bowl on your lap. No, a set table with luxurious crockery and excellent service with an LED tea light. To be honest, that gives a lot of atmospheres.


When you are completely satisfied with all the delicious food, you can stretch out of your chair and start relaxing. Every seat has a screen with large size. With mains power and USB connections at hand. Headphones with 'noise canceling' are already available. At Qatar Airways you can opt for your own lockable cabin on the window side. This is really a must if you are traveling alone. When you travel with a travel companion, you can also choose to take seats in the middle. It is also possible to place an intermediate screen for more privacy. In each cabin, there is a beautiful pencil case with fine items from exclusive Italian brands. Everything to make flying as pleasant as possible.

Singapore Airlines

Fly to Asia, Australia, or New Zealand with the world's best airline Singapore Airlines in business class and your holiday starts on board! Singapore Airlines is the airline of Singapore. A wealthy, luxurious billion-dollar state in Southeast Asia. Flying with Singapore Airlines is one of the better choices you can make as a passenger. Business class is one of the most luxurious in the world. A ticket in business class with Singapore Airlines costs €2159. You will receive a very spacious chair that can also be converted into a bed, a delicious three-course menu composed by the best chefs in the world, and an entertainment system with more than 1000 films/series/music/games and apps.

All seats in Singapore Airlines' Airbus A350 are specially designed for long-haul flights. But if you really want to travel in luxury and comfort, then you are most comfortable in business class. Admittedly, it is not cheap, but it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you want to experience once. The Singapore Airlines business class seats can be converted into a full bed and you always have direct access to the aisle. So you don't have to climb over your sleeping neighbor if you want to go to the toilet? Other bonuses of flying business class are the extra checked baggage (40 kg), priority check-in and boarding, and the earlier receipt of your baggage on the belt on arrival. You also have access to various lounges before flying.


If you fly with Emirates in business class, you definitely get value for money. This Middle Eastern airline is known for its extravagant service and luxury aircraft. The price for a business class ticket is also not too bad. You can fly with Emirates via Dubai to Singapore for €1910. For that price, you get a spacious chair that can be completely transformed into a bed. But first, you can enjoy a top meal in your own seat or in the Onboard Lounge. What Emirates offers as an extra service is the driver service. It is free for Business class and First class passengers in more than 70 destinations worldwide. The driver will pick you up in a luxury car and take you to the airport. On the plane, you will receive an amenity kit with Bvlgari care products and you can check in up to 40 kg of luggage.

Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic is one of the major airlines and also the showpiece of Richard Branson's Virgin Group. The dynamic airline operates long-haul flights from Great Britain to North America, the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, and Australia. The home base is London Heathrow Airport. Virgin Atlantic has an excellent reputation and guarantees a high level of service and quality and has already received several awards for this. Partly due to the playful and personal approach, you will feel at ease at Virgin Atlantic.


A business class ticket is a choice for the most luxury on board Virgin Atlantic. Virgin Atlantic offers you priority check-in, boarding, and baggage handling at the airport. You also have access to the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouses, where you can dine or refresh yourself. The Clubhouses are among the best in the world. The seats have a lot of space and privacy. The sleep mode will ensure a wonderful night's sleep so that you arrive at your destination rested. You will also receive a toiletry bag with contents to freshen up. Each seat has a personal video screen where you can watch the latest movies, TV series and games.

Cathay Pacific

When you fly Business Class, traveling suddenly becomes a lot more fun. Everything that normally annoys you disappears like snow in the sun. It already starts at the airport. With a Business Class ticket you rarely stand in line and you can almost always check in with priority. And if you fly with Cathay Pacific, you can take a seat after customs in the comfortable lounges. You can also use Cathay Pacific's 4 luxury lounges in Hong Kong.


To top it all off, you also have priority through border control in Hong Kong, you are the first to board the aircraft and your bags are the first to be placed on the baggage claim. In addition, you are allowed to bring 2 pieces of check-in baggage with a total weight of 40 kilos and 1 piece of hand baggage of 10 kilos + a small hand luggage item (such as a small handbag, laptop bag or camera bag).


In addition to a lot of seating and lying space, the Business Class seats also offer a lot of storage space for your belongings. You can store your shoes and bag under the footstool and on the side you will find a large lockable compartment where you can store things such as your laptop, an extra vest, scarf, or magazines.


When flying one-way business class with Cathay Pacific you enjoy a brand new onboard entertainment system with a fine operating system. You can easily navigate through the library using the touchscreen or the remote control. This consists of hundreds of films, series, games, music playlists, and magazines. So you absolutely do not have to be bored on board.