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Do you want to buy cheap business class tickets? Booking a one-way business class trip is sometimes not easy. The number of business class seats in an aircraft is limited and if you don't get there in time, there is often no more room on popular flights. What to do?


If you want to book cheap business class tickets, it is often necessary to plan your trip well in advance.


Now that is sometimes not a problem in the business world, but it can also happen that you, or if you are a secretary, your director or another manager, unexpectedly has to go abroad for a meeting.


Then it is useful to know what to look out for if you want to book a cheap business class ticket. These tips can help you with that.

Tips for booking business class flight tickets at the best prices

Book your cheap business class tickets at a less favorable time

If it is not a problem to leave early in the morning or in the evenings for a trip within the United States, these tickets are often cheaper.


You will save a considerable amount by choosing this option, there are often plenty of cheap business class tickets that are priced considerably lower than if you choose a time when everyone wants to fly.

Which airline do you fly with?

If there is no preference for the company, you can go for the cheapest. These are often the lesser-known airlines, but they do offer tickets that are a lot cheaper.


The service onboard is often excellent in business class. For sure, on a short flight, it is often sufficient if there is a comfortable seat and the possibility to read documents or do other work on board.


If it is not a problem that no three-course star dinner is served, but that the meals may be a bit soberer, then it is definitely worth checking the cheap airlines if you are looking for a cheap business class ticket.

Use comparison websites for cheap business class tickets

Various comparison websites can be found online. Here you type in the destination and the desired date and then you can check with which airline you can book the cheapest ticket for the business class. Some well-known sites are Chaser and Cheaptickets that compare ticket prices from dozens of providers and are mainly used for holidays.


Make sure that you choose business class when entering the data because economy class is often filled in here by default. A widely used and good comparison website is


Perhaps a little less known than the most popular comparison websites, but here you can often find very tickets at the best price if you want to fly business class.

Book far in advance

Booking last-minute flights in business class are often very expensive. It is best to find cheap business class tickets if you can book well in advance. If you book today and want to be able to fly the day after tomorrow, there is a good chance that you will no longer be able to find a business class ticket for an attractive price.


In such a case, you can often be happy if there is still room on the flight you want to book and you often pay the main price for a business class seat.


It is sometimes better to choose to fly economy class, which is often more expensive than when you book well in advance.


This has to do with the fact that airlines offer some of their seats for a competitive price. For example, it can happen that seat 1 is considerably cheaper than seat 2 that is next to it, while both passengers receive the same service. The cheaper tickets are of course the first to be sold. If you know well in advance that you are going to make a flight at a certain time and you want to fly business class, it is therefore important to book your ticket as early as possible. This can save hundreds of euros in the price.

Upgrade on departure

Sometimes it happens that an aircraft is fully booked but that there are still seats left in business class. Because an airline prefers to fly with as few empty seats as possible, in such a case business class tickets are sometimes offered for a lower rate.


When you arrive at the airport, you can sometimes get an upgrade to business class by paying on the spot for a lower rate than if you had previously booked cheap business class tickets online.


However, this option is only interesting if you don't mind flying economy class in principle and an upgrade to business class is pleasant but not necessary for you.


After all, the chance that you can still fly business class is not very great if you still want to arrange this when you are at the check-in desk.

Business Class, is it really worth it?

What is the additional cost for a ticket in business class?

There are quite a few misunderstandings about a business class ticket. The price of a ticket in business class is often a multiple of the same ticket in economy class. And no, it's really not the case that you can sit stretched out in business class for € 200 - € 300. Upgrades from other flight operators cannot be compared with business class and. Still you will see all kinds of travelers in business class. Business people, vacationers, people in suits and in sweatpants and sneakers. For a (free) upgrade you have to dress neatly because you are not eligible with jeans and sneakers. And free is almost impossible because tickets are becoming cheaper and airlines also have to make their money. In addition, business class is sometimes offered for a fee at the (online) check-in.

Benefits of business class on the ground


When you book a ticket in business class, you automatically receive priority. This has many advantages:


  • priority check-in
  • priority at the baggage drop
  • faster passage through security and passport control
  • priority boarding
  • the luggage comes with priority on the belt after arrival

And the advantages of business class in the air?


Here you will of course experience the biggest difference with economy class. There are far fewer seats in business class, which means you have much more space per person. Airlines choose to fill this space with very comfortable seats that are set up per 2.


  • A chair that can be flattened 180 degrees; this way you lie horizontally and that will certainly benefit your night's sleep
  • The bed is long so you can lie completely stretched out
  • A nice soft blanket and a real down feather pillow
  • 3-course menu on beautiful porcelain and cutlery and crockery
  • Noise-canceling headphones and a large screen (touch screen)
  • Toiletry bag including socks, eye mask, earplugs, toiletries
  • Personal service (you will be addressed by your name) and with attention to the guests. People are genuinely friendly and hospitable

Is the experience worth the extra cost?

That will depend on everyone's personal preference. Because to be honest, for the extra cost you can of course also do a lot of fun things on the spot during your holiday.


  • you arrive rested because you can sleep well
  • if you book well in advance you can take advantage of attractive offers for business class
  • all the extras really make traveling more comfortable so that your holiday really starts before departure and onboard
  • you can take a lot more luggage with you.