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Emirates is the flag carrier of Dubai and has been in the top five of the best airlines in the world for many years. Emirates is especially renowned for its high service level on board the aircraft and the competitive ticket price in relation to the competition, who often offer lower service and fly with relatively older aircraft.

First-Class flights with Emirates


An Emirates first class flight ticket costs about two to three months' salary, but then you are in heaven on earth. Or actually in the air, if you believe reviews from TripAdvisor. During the announcement of the Travellers' Choice Awards for 2019, the first class of the airline from Dubai was again named the best in the world.


Not surprising, as flying First Class with Emirates is something you can hardly call ´a regular flying experience´. Little chance that you will have to deal with cramped limbs and a nagging jet lag after your flight. In first class, you don't have a cramped seat with 74 centimeters of legroom, but your own private suite of 3½ square meters where you can enjoy your flight in luxurious luxury and in complete privacy.

Hotel room in the sky


It's a 'hotel room in the sky' with a soft leather armchair – comparable to the seats in the Mercedes Benz S-class – that you can fold out into a bed. You have access to a 32-inch TV screen with thousands of channels and entertainment, so you can create your own 'home cinema'. There is no shortage of care products and specially developed headphones keep out the disturbing noises of aircraft engines. Passengers can regulate the temperature and lighting themselves.


You can work at a pull-out desk, there is a high cupboard to hang your clothes and there are two minibars with drinks and snacks. For 'room service' you press a button, and a flight attendant is ready for you in no time. For the night, you can put on a pair of moisturizing pajamas provided by Emirates. For dinner you don't get plastic trays with a dubious mash, but à la carte multi-course meals devised by top chefs.

Showers on board

In addition to all this luxury in your own 'suite', there are also two onboard lounge bars where you can meet other people and enjoy the tastiest drinks, such as cocktails and carefully selected wine. Would you like to freshen up afterward? Then you just go to one of the 2 showers on the plane (yes really!). You can use these cabins for half an hour, but the shower only provides hot water for 5 minutes. The cabins have a heated floor and a whole range of care products so that you can freshen up.

How to fly in First Class with Emirates and what are the best deals?

In short, Emirates' first class is miles away from economy class, where you have to compromise on your comfort zone and often can't even stretch your legs. Emirates launched the private suites onboard the Boeing 777 aircraft in 2017. The airline has only a limited number of aircraft equipped with private suites, but you can try it on a return ticket from Brussels to Dubai. The price is then approximately € 4884. For the real experience, you choose a longer flight. The longest Boeing 777 flight goes from the American oil city of Dallas to Dubai. A return ticket in mid-May will then cost you no less than €16,799.91.

Best deals and cheap tickets for flying first class with Emirates

Who doesn´t want to experience the first class with Emirates? Unfortunately, few of us will ever do. The cost of a first class ticket is very high meaning you will need to find lucky deals to fly with them.


Many major airlines are part of an alliance which makes it easier to collect air miles and profit from several benefits. Unfortunately, Emirates is not part of an alliance. So there is not much else to do than wait until you are rich or save points at Emirates for years. You need about 38000 air mile points to fly first class.