Best spring destination 2022

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IFlyFirstClass today announced its picks for the best destinations spring destinations for 2022. Enjoy your holidays and learn the history of the most popular places with IFlyFirstClass.

Best spring destination 2022


After a long and cold winter, the northern hemisphere is finally waking up from hibernation. Starting from March, spring is upon us and most people are looking to go on a warm holiday to forget about the cold they had to endure for so many months. Several destinations in Europe offer pleasant temperatures already while nature is blooming again. Mallorca has temperatures up to 25 degrees while Malta is turning into a beautiful green island and the Greek islands are coming back to life.


In North Africa as in Egypt and Morocco, in the Canaries, the Azores, and the Cape Verde islands, it is already getting really cozy and warm. Although it is still relatively cool in our latitudes, temperatures in the Mediterranean can easily rise above 20 degrees again and you can enjoy warm holiday destinations in the spring. Ideal for businessmen would wish to spend some quality time in warm destinations. So where to go in spring 2022?

Cape Verde

If you dream of a varied holiday, then get on a plane to Cape Verde! The nine inhabited Cape Verde Islands are all very different from each other. On some islands, you walk through mysterious lunar landscapes with extinct and active volcanoes. On other islands, the mountains intertwine and invite you to go hiking. Dry steppes and lush green forests characterize other islands. Yet all Cape Verde islands have two things in common: incredibly beautiful beaches and a wonderful climate. It is not for nothing that we call the Cape Verde Islands the 'islands of eternal summer´!

Marsa Alam, Egypt

The southern seaside resort of Marsa Alam makes the heart of every sun lover beat faster. The beautiful golden beaches invite you to sunbathe for days and relax with a tropical drink in hand. The Abu Dabbab beach is by far the most popular, also because you can dive and snorkel here among the sea turtles! In the center of Marsa Alam, you will find countless shops, restaurants, and attractive terraces where you can enjoy freshly caught fish and exotic seafood.

Italy – Sardinia

On the Italian island of Sardinia, you can enjoy real bounty sandy beaches with seawater that is bluer than blue. Incredible huh?! The coastline, more than 1,850 kilometers long, also has many bays and beautiful rocks. Some beautiful beaches can be found at Baja Sardinia and Isola Rossa, but Spiaggia Della Pelosa is considered the most beautiful on the island. If you want to go further inland, you will come across a hilly grassy landscape. Sardinia has different cultures. In places like Alghero, Cagliari, and Oristano you will find Catalan, North African, Oriental, and of course Italian influences. Sit down at a local restaurant in these towns and experience an explosion of delicious flavors. The best time to admire all this splendor? Some call May the most beautiful period to go to Sardinia, because then the island literally and figuratively revives and blooms…


Seychelles (an island archipelago north of Madagascar) is a destination that deserves a high spot in our list of best spring destinations 2022. Why? That becomes clear when you see the beautiful white beaches, an azure blue sea, and the beautiful nature reserves and experience the tranquility of the luxury resorts. Seychelles consists of no fewer than 115 islands, but the most famous island in Mahé. At the same time, you will also find the most accommodations here. Other islands worth visiting: Praslin, known for its diving spots and coconuts, and La Digue, an authentic island where the ox cart is used as a means of transport and you can spot giant tortoises. And the most beautiful beach in the world? You will also find them there, that is the Anse Source d'Argent.

Turkey – Turkish Riviera

A part of Turkey's south coast that borders the Mediterranean Sea is called the Turkish Riviera. The coastal strip, which runs from Marmaris to Alanya, is known for its great All-Inclusive formulas and luxury resorts with a favorable price. From hot summers to mild winters, the Turkish Riviera is not only sun-drenched and has great seaside resorts with fine sandy beaches, it is also home to classic towns and unique landscapes. Nature lovers go to the Blue Lagoon of Ölüdeniz: an azure blue lagoon with a snow-white beach, beautifully situated between the Taurus Mountains. Golf enthusiasts can play on one of Belek's golf courses.


Mexico is really a dream destination on the list of holiday spring destinations for 2022. Why? The rich culture, the fantastic climate, the beautiful beaches, and the special natural phenomena ensure that you will experience a great holiday in Mexico. The Yucatan Peninsula is a tropical paradise with bounty beaches. Cancun is a place with nice bars and has an abundance of All-Inclusive hotels. The West Coast of Mexico is known for its special architecture and modern boulevards. The most popular sights for Mexico are the Cenotes, a pool of crystal clear water hidden in a cave, the ancient Mayan temples in the jungle, and Bacalar, a lake in Yucatan that is crystal clear. And all this at a lovely temperature of around 30°C. On holiday to Mexico? I would!

Amazing Dubai

Towering buildings, luxury hotels, and fantastic shopping centers. That is without a doubt Dubai. When you think of Dubai, you probably see the modern high buildings and imagine yourself in a luxurious Ferrari. You will never be bored at this holiday destination. Visit beautiful mosques, the Louvre museum and go shopping. You do that here like the best. Also check out the Burj Khalifa, an 828-meter high skyscraper, and the luxurious 7-star hotel Burj Al Arab. Also very nice is Spice Souk & Gold Souk, where you will find Arabic and Asian spices. But of course, you don't just come here to view buildings and eat good food. Dubai has beautiful beaches and luxury beach clubs where you can cool off from the warm weather.




Does a tour through South America sound good to you, but you don't know exactly which country you want to go to? Ecuador, named after its location on the equator, might be the destination you are looking for. A tour through Ecuador is very diverse. In the east of the country, you will find the Amazon rainforest with all its wild animals, in the middle of Ecuador lies the rugged Andes mountains with high mountain peaks and on the west coast, you will find paradise beaches. All these different landscapes make your trip so varied. During your trip to Ecuador, learn more about the colorful Indian population, large volcanoes, and the highest capital in the world: Quito. Do you really want to go big in 2022? The Galapagos Islands are located 1000 km off the coast of Ecuador. This archipelago is unique in its kind because here you will find plants and animals that are found nowhere else in the world!


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